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Thank you for visiting my site. I have been carving / sculpting

wood since 1988. It is my passion. It consumes me. It is also

my therapy as I always feel better after a hard days work in

my studio. My work is inspired by the Irish landscape and its

association with history and mythology. In general I only

carve wood grown in Ireland as I feel it important that my

work has an honesty or sense of place. I am a traditional

woodcarver but I also make large public sculptures using a

chainsaw and power tools.

I sell my personal sculptures but also work on private

commissions. Small commissions start at the 300-400 Euro for

a small wall piece 14in x 14 in approx. Obviously the larger

the budget in a commission the more time I spend on it. I like

to personalise this type of commission and in the past I have

been able to acquire wood from gardens or land belonging to

the customer so the recipient gets something special to them

“A piece of home “ if you like.         

TEACHING ;  I have over 20 years teaching experience. I

teach community groups, schools, colleges and individuals . I

can travel to groups or they can come to my studio. I can

facilitate up to 12 students at a time. If you would like to learn

how to carve contact me to find out about availability. I also

sell gift vouchers for classes if your loved one would like to


Music .   I grew up in a house of music. My dad Oliver Burns

was a fine musician who played in Big Bands and also was

the Bandmaster of 2 local Brass Bands. I played in local bands

with my brother Gary before I got the opportunity in 1990 to

play on a world tour with 4AD band DEAD CAN DANCE

who were touring their “Aion” album. I played trumpet

percussion and sang backing vocals. I still dabble with a bit of

home recording and some of the music I write ends up on my

videos promoting my work.                           

Joey Burns