Gallery Salmon of knowledge (Chair Back) Black Pigs Dyke Dún a Rí Forest Park   Triplet
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Salmon of knowledge Chair ( back )
Dún a Rí Forest Park
   Rory Gallagher            Lime
Seamus Fay Lilter
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 Salmon of knowledge      Chair ( front )
The Yellow Bittern Harp
 Dún a Rí Forest Park
 Dún a Rí Forest Park
Hunger For Knowledge
Peace Towers
Irish President Mr. Michael D. Higgins unveils my sculpture “The Yellow Bittern” Harp ( An Bonnán Buí ) in Cavan town to mark his visit to  Fleadh Na hEireann 2012. The Yellow Bittern is an old  poem / song written by Cathal Buí a traveling Bard in the northern counties. Cathal Buí Mac Giolla Ghunna, Irish poet, c. 1680 – 1756.
Home  Lime
Dún a Rí Forest park
United                                                                                                                              Beech
Joey Burns
Black Pigs Dyke
Fiddle head Cavan
Builders tools (study)            Lime
Horse head (Beech)
Brendan Behan Chestnut
The ridge of the meadow
Beech Body      Beech
“Tree Spirits” for Travis Oaks music video ( see Video Gallery )   Spruce
Community      Beech
   McCabe & Rourke
“Pillow Talk” Bog Oak Based on the 1st chapter of “An Táin”
“Fionn of the Hazel” Salmon of knowledge saga Bog Oak , Hazel, silver leaf,  bone.
“King Puc” Puc Fair Killorglin Co Kerry
“Female landscape” Bog Oak
       “Irish Draught Horse “                           “ Knight “ Chess trophy                  “ Seahorse “                                “ Winter Union “                      Beech                                                           Beech                                 Squoia (Redwood)                    Elm , 24 3/4 ct gold-leaf
Chainsaw carving,
“ Fionn “ Salmon of knowledge.    Bog Oak
“ Kiss the fish that swam the sea, that swallowed an acorn and knew of that tree .“   Burr Elm
“ This Is Cavan “ presentation plaque  Beech , Brass.
        “ On her sholders “               White thorn
             “ Bríde”             Irish Oak
        “ Fertility “      Bog Oak , Elm
          “ Soccer” Presentation piece                      Beech , Bog Oak
                              “ Cup and circle “                                          Lime
      Beech , Bog Oak, Ash                 Beech, Bog Oak, Sequoia, Ash.                                Beech
I have been carving wood since 1988, this gallery is a selection of some of the work I have done over the years...... More to come as I develop and maintain this site. Thank you for visiting and do call again.                                                                                           Joey Burns